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Making a Referral to Us

Admission to Shaftesbury High School is only possible from a mainstream high school in Chorley or South Ribble where pupils live in the residential districts of 07 or 09 of the Local Authority. High Schools that fall within our catchment are listed below.


  1. High Schools are to complete one of the following referral forms IN FULL. Information should be readily available from your SIMS.
  2. Information requested on the form is a statutory requirement for SIMS records.  Due to the high level of referrals received we cannot accept incomplete forms and any that we do receive that are incomplete will be rejected and returned to the referring school to be resubmitted when completed fully.
  3. Email your completed referral(s) to us at admissions@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk.

Any queries prior to making a referral should be directed to Sally Moffatt or Karen Sumner by using the admissions@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk email.



Medical referrals need a supporting medical consultant referral (pink) form completed by the consultant working with your child i.e. CAMHS or Hospital. In some instances referrals are due to acute medical needs but others are for more chronic conditions that have specific restrictions on regular attendance in a mainstream school setting.  Pupils are taught in a part of our school called OASIS - tak a look inside below.

All medical referrals will be processed under a central system for Local Authority commissioned medical places.  

Further details on completing and returning the relevant forms can be found here.

Please ensure the relevant forms are completed in full, then email both your and the medical referral form directly to the central mailbox sssmedicalreferrals@lancashire.gov.uk by 12 noon the day before the next panel meeting in order to be considered for a place.

Medical panel meeting dates available via this link.

Once your referral has been processed and authorised by the Local Authority it will be passed to us where our standard admission timescales below will then apply by following the same process as intervention referrals.

Each referral is based on an individual's needs and progress with their medical condition but most are for a maximum of 2 school terms during which regular reviews are held with you, your mainstream school and CAMHS.

Take a look inside


Below is the expected process following receipt of your fully completed referral :

Week 1 - 2 On Receipt of your Referral

  • Completed referral forms received, checked & processed through our weekly pupil admissions meeting.

  • A Zoom admissions meetings is arranged for parent/carer(s), pupil and mainstream high school representative (where necessary) to attend.  During the meeting the needs of the pupil are discussed and an appropriate timetable offered for agreement and transport options explored. Please allow approximately 20-30 minutes for the appointment.

  • We know how stressful these times can be to children and their families and so we always avoid cancelling or rebooking admissions meetings.

Week 3 - 4 Admission & Commencement of Provision

  • Pupil attends at Shaftesbury to undertake English & Maths assessments Mon - Wed 11.30 to 1:00 transported by parent/carer(s).  During this time the timetable is set up with requested options explored/applied for and a Keyworker is allocated.  

  • Any necessary transport needs are also submitted to LCC Transport to tender for a contract which takes between 10-12 days. 

  • Preparations are made with Shaftesbury staff for their arrival.

  • Pupils will be expected to attend according to their timetable the week following completion of the assessment/induction.

  • In some instances offsite provision may be delayed due to spaces available but parents will be kept informed of start date.


Your pupil will be admitted to our school SIMS database as a sub-dual pupil. You should advise your Pupil Data Manager of this as they will need to change your schools' SIMS database to reflect the dual registration status.

Our School - Subsidiary-Dual Registration
Your School - Main-Dual Registration

Financial Implications Intervention Referrals Only - You should also make your Finance Officer aware of the admission as your school will be charged termly in accordance with the agreed intervention fee


Reviews & Reports - Pupil reviews are held with the family on a regular basis giving an opportunity to discuss their child's progress. Reports are also sent directly to home addresses giving details of subject targets and achievements. These reports are also emailed to your school, usually the Headteacher. If you would also like to receive a copy then please let us know.

Behaviour Meetings - Sometimes it is necessary to invite a member of your staff to attend a meeting following concerns arising from behaviour incidents and you will be informed of these if needed


Following a meeting and by agreement of your school and the parents, if it is deemed necessary that provision is no longer possible or required then we will end date the pupil and they will be returned to your school for their education. At that stage your school's registration status should return to Single Registration.


Pupils referred to us from the Medical Panel are taught in OASIS - please take a look and share the document below that helps to show the small classroom environments as well as staff information that parents and pupils might find helpful in preparing for a medical place with us.