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One polo shirt and one sweatshirt will be issued free of charge to pupils during the first week.  
The following terms apply to clothing worn in school in line with the dress code rules below*:
YR 7, 8, 9 Aspire & OASIS
School Logo Tops: Blue polo shirts with black sweatshirt.
Bottoms: Black school trousers or black school skirt & black tights

YR 10 Aspire & OASIS
School Logo Tops: Black polo shirt with black sweatshirt.
Bottoms: Black school trousers or black skirt & black tights

YR 11 Aspire & OASIS
School Logo Tops: Black polo shirt and black sweatshirt.
Bottoms: black school trousers, plain black joggers/tracksuit bottoms (no large logos), black cargo pants (no large logos).  Black skirt & black tights
Footwear - All Years
All black shoes or black trainers. Black closed toe, flat shoes. No shoes with heels/wedges, ballet type shoes, open back shoes, flip flops, sliders or mules are to be worn in school.
  • Leggings
  • Cycling shorts
  • Crop tops
  • Shoes with heels/wedges
  • Ballet type shoes
  • Open back shoes i.e. flip flops or sliders
  • Mules

PE: Pupils may change into appropriate sports attire of their own for P.E. or Football.

Jewellery: Pupils will be asked to remove any jewellery that is deemed to be inappropriate for a specific activity. Large hooped earrings and nose rings are inappropriate for safety reasons. Pupils are permitted to wear earrings and a nose stud. Pupils are not permitted to have any other visible piercings e.g. eyebrow, tongue, lip etc.

*All pupil clothing must comply with the following dress code rules:
  • Coats/Hoodies: Pupils must take their hoods down on entering the school premises & they should remain so during school time. Coats are only permitted to be worn during break times.
  • Polo Shirts: Must cover up breast/chest area & midriff.
  • Skirts: Must be of an appropriate length and must be worn with thick black tights if above knee height.
  • Tights: Must be thick enough so that underwear is NOT visible.
  • Trousers & Tracksuit Bottoms: Must be worn at an acceptable height - this would be at the top of the hipline (i.e. waste line) & hygiene rules should be respected with hands remaining outside of the garment.
  • Hats & Gloves: Must be removed on entering the school premises & should not be worn in school.

!! Pictures, logos or language on clothing considered to be inappropriate would include pictures that of an offensive nature, or wording/images about illegal substances & images of semi-naked or naked people.

!! If for any unavoidable reason a pupil arrives without the correct uniform they may be given appropriate uniform for that day and be expected to wear it while on site and returned to staff at the end of the day. 

Sanctions for Not Wearing the Correct Uniform

If pupils arrive in school not complying with this arrangement then they will be provided with a plain sweatshirt/T-shirt and/or tracksuit trousers to wear so that they can continue with their school day.  Any pupil refusing to wear the alternative clothing supplied by us will be in breach of the school uniform agreement and parent(s)/carer(s) will be contacted with the option to either provide alternative clothing themselves or to collect their child from school.  Transport will not be provided by school

Extra Items of Uniform/Replacements
In all cases additional uniform items/replacements are available from school and will need to be paid for in cash by parents/carers at the time of ordering.  Unfortunately we cannot accept cheques or debit/credit card payments at the current time. Please contact the school office for an order form on 01257 249803 selecting option 1 or click this link to download a copy to complete and send to us.
Off-site/Outdoor Education Activities 
A change of clothing should be brought for outdoor education to enhance hygiene.  Trainers or strong shoes should be worn if going on sporting or outdoor activities.  Shoes with heels, open  backed shoes i.e. flip-flops, mules, sliders or ballet shoes should NOT be worn for any sporting, vocational or outdoor activities.
Appropriate work-wear, including uniform, overalls and boots may be required when attending motor vehicle, hairdressing, construction course and must be worn.