Shaftesbury High School

Shaftesbury High School

Admissions to Our School

Admission to Shaftesbury High School is only possible from your child having been referred to us from either Lancashire County Council's Pupil Access Team or from a mainstream high school in Chorley or South Ribble where pupils live in the residential districts of 07 or 09 of the Local Authority. High Schools that fall within our catchment are listed below.

Reasons to Come to Our School

Referrals to Shaftesbury High School come in the following categories:-

Permanent Exclusion

If you have received notification of a Permanent Exclusion from a mainstream high school for your child and have either decided not to appeal, or the decision to Permanently Exclude your child has been upheld at appeal, a referral will be made to us by Lancashire County Council's, Area Education Office for Preston, South Ribble, Chorley and West Lancashire.  Further information is available on their website page on Permanent Exclusions or you can contact them directly at:

South Area Education Office
Level 1 Christ Church Precinct
County Hall

Exlusions from school telephone numbers are 01772 532190 or 01772 534263.


New to Area/Country

If your child moves into Chorley or South Ribble and they are not able to be integrated into a mainstream high school for whatever reason then a referral will be made to us for them to resume their education as soon as possible. This could be on a temporary basis or possibly for the foreseeable future.

Each and every referral is considered on its individual circumstances. Sometimes it may be agreed that your child receives their education from one of the above schools but that we dual register them so that should anything happen and their placement fails at mainstream we at Shaftesbury High School will then be able to arrange an admissions meeting quickly and are ready to 'pick up' their education with minimum interruption to their studies.

Dual registration is usually only for an agreed short period of time whereby regular reviews are held by Pupil Access to ensure your child settles well. You will be kept informed of progress by a member of Pupil Access Team directly.

If you are new to our country and either speak little or no English, arrangements will be made for a translator to support you and your child where available.

Children Missing Education (CME) or Returning from Elective Home Education (EHE)

Pupils who have missed a considerable amount of their education from a mainstream high school may also be referred to us by Pupil Access and/or the CME Team. We will endeavour to provide education for your child to enable them to either reintegrate back into a mainstream high school or to focus on core subjects such as English and Maths in order to sit exams and allow them to move into further education or engage with vocational studies to build on skills that will support employment opportunities. Both aim to give them a good foundation on which to build their future.


Medical Referral


Referrals based on a medical need for respite and educational support will need a supporting CAMHS referral from a consultant working with your child. In some instances referrals are due to acute medical needs but others are for more chronic conditions that have specific restrictions on regular attendance in a mainstream school setting.

All medical referrals requested from 18th April 2017 will no longer be authorised directly by us.  Instead they will be processed under a central system for Local Authority commissioned medical places.  The purpose of this change and the protocols high schools must now follow are explained in a letter from the Head of Alternative Provision, Audrey Swann here: Lancashire County Council Medical Referral Protocol 18 April 2017 Onwards.

This means schools will have to complete this referral form "Request for Approval for Local Authority Commissioned Medical Place at Short Stay School" and also must continue to complete our two school referral forms and submit all three documents to the local authority at the same time

Please complete the relevant forms in full and submit all three documents directly to the central mailbox  by 5pm the Wednesday before the day prior to the published panel dates, which are as follows:

Autumn Term 2021

  • Wednesday 15th September 2021
  • Wednesday 29th September 2021
  • Wednesday 13th October 2021
  • Wednesday 3rd November 2021
  • Wednesday 17th November 2021
  • Wednesday 1st December 2021
  • Wednesday 15th December 2021

NB: These dates are subject to change depending on the COVID Pandemic. 

Admission Timescales

Once your referral has been processed and authorised by the Local Authority it will be passed to us where our standard admission timescales will then apply by following the same process as intervention referrals detailed above.

Each referral is based on an individual's needs and progress with their medical condition but most are for a maximum of 2 school terms during which regular reviews are held with you, your mainstream school and CAMHS.


Intervention Referral

We offer full or part time Intervention Programmes to pupils in Y10 and Y11 who are on roll at high schools within our catchment area. This offers a fresh start with their education where they may have been struggling with circumstances that effect their engagement or attendance with education in their mainstream school, such as:

  • Repeated behaviour & disruption issues
  • Attendance concerns
  • At risk of permanent exclusion
  • Surrounding family issues that continue to cause disruption to education

Parents will be contacted by their child's high school and offered the opportunity of discussing a referral onto an Intervention Programme. Your child will remain on roll with their mainstream school and they will fund a place with us for an appropriate timetable that will engage them in core subjects as well as offering them the opportunity to study a vocational programme with one of our offsite providers. Read more about our providers here. In all cases your child will be dual registered with us and their mainstream school and in most cases your child will attend with us for all of their provision with the support of their mainstream school at reviews where needed. Should you or your child wish not to continue on an Intervention Programme then their mainstream school will resume with educational provision where possible.