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Why have you contacted me?
We will only have contacted you after receiving an admission request from two main sources, the first being LCC Pupil Access Team. This would be for pupils, including but not limited to, having been excluded from their mainstream school, who have moved into our catchment area but cannot attend a mainstream high school, who have been missing education for some time, or who wish to return to mainstream edcuation from being Electively Home Educated.

The second source is from a mainstream high school in our catchment area of Chorley or South Ribble who have requested an Intervention or Medical place at our school.

In both instances you will have had previous discussions with either Pupil Access or your child's mainstream high school and actions agreed with you before a referral is made.

When will we have an admission meeting?
You will be offered a date and time to meet with us usually within 2 weeks of receiving complete information from Pupil Access Team or your child's school. You will either receive a telephone call or letter with the details on. If you cannot make the offered appointment please contact us as soon as possible to rearrange.

What happens at admissions meetings?
Parent/Carer(s) and pupils are invited to meet with the a Pupil Support Manager and, where appropriate, a member of staff from either Pupil Access Team or your child's high school. The meeting lasts approximately half an hour and is held via Zoom or at Shaftesbury High School. During the meeting agreement is reached on a way forward in providing education and a personalilsed timetable to suit your child's needs and interests is planned. There are a number of options of study available in addition to the core curriculum of Maths, English and Science and these will be discussed with you. Details on how to get to and from school and any off site provision are explained. You will be expected to bring your child into school the following week for "assessment/induction week" where they will undertake English and Maths assessment so that we can aim teaching to their specific needsThe days and times will be explained during the meeting. The expected date that your child is to start their agreed timetable will also be given - this is usually the week following assessments for in school teaching but can be delayed if they have off site provision that requires booking and setting up.

How long will my child attend?
Each place at Shaftesbury is tailored to suit the individual child and their needs so specific details will be discussed with you at your admissions meeting.

What does a keyworker do?
Pupil's have a keyworker allocated to them to support them in school and communicate regularly with parent/carer(s) about progress and any areas of concern.

Can I take my child out of school for a holiday?
Please read information here

Can I take my child out of school for a medical appointment?
Yes, but please notify school in advance of the appointment date and time and when and how they will leave school site and if they will be due back. If your child has an LCC taxi transport contract it is important that you provide enough notice for this to be cancelled where necessary as costs are incurred by the local authority for "failed pick ups". You will be responsible for getting your child to/from any medical appointments.