Weldbank Lane, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 3NQ
01257 249803

Tel: 01257 249803

Address: Weldbank Lane, Chorley, PR7 3NQ


Headteacher: Miss A Bowe Option 3 - head@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk

Deputy Head: Mr R Fitzpatrick Extn 3011 - r.fitzpatrick@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs S Moffatt Extn 3007 - s.moffat@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk

Assistant Headteacher: Mr Lee Fowler Extn 3020 - l.fowler@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk

SENCO: Miss D Tilley Extn 3017 - SEND@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk

School Business Manager: Mrs M Kavanagh Extn 3006/Option 3bursar@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk

School Office General Enquiries: Mrs D Cross Extn 3001/Option 1

School Office Pupil Transport: Miss J Kavanagh Extn 3002/Option 2

School Office Pupil Admissions/Data: Ms T Almond Extn 3003 - admin@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk

Admissions Team Extn 3003 - admissions@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk

Attendance - Mrs Christina Atkinson Extn 3023/Option 4 - attendance@shaftesbury.lancs.sch.uk


Attendance Office - Mon to Fri between 08:30 -15:00

01257 249803 Option 4 see here for details on reporting absences.

Voicemail - Available in/out of Office Hours

It may be necessary to leave a voicemail out of office hours or due to staff being in meetings, teaching or during busy periods - Please leave a brief message and your contact details and a member of staff will return your call.  

Please note: Our staff are here to help as best they can, but we will not tolerate verbal abuse or threatening behaviour under any circumstances.

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