Shaftesbury High School

Shaftesbury High School

Mental Health for Families

The Mental Health Family Hour Webinars

Our families are offered free online webinar each week for pupils and their families. The aim of the sessions will be to inform the listeners about mental health, how to cope throughout this period and explore different subject areas in regards to this topic. Mental health issues are going to affect a large number of people throughout this pandemic. Sessions are aimed to help people learn to cope.  It will also create a good opportunity for people to talk about these issues, therefore hopefully leading people into speaking about how they really feel.  Below is a pre-recorded session on Anxiety.

Live webinars

These will take place on Tuesday weekly beginning April 2020 at 10am.  These sessions will be beneficial to all ages and are entitled ‘Mental Health For Families’. The session will be one hour long, with an opportunity to ask questions at the end. 

Links to the live sessions will be sent to priority 1 contacts and pupils using the school InTouch communication system.


Sessions delivered by Prevention and Engagement, Nursing & Quality Directorate, Lancashire & South Cumbria Foundation Trust

14th April 2020
All About Anxiety

21st April 2020

Communication on Mental Health with Ourselves & Others

28th April 2020
Social Media & Self Image

5th May 2020
Stress & Coping Strategies

12th May 2020

19th May 2020
Eating Disorders & Body Image

26th May 2020
Beliefs, Self Esteem & Confidence
2nd June 2020
Resilience, Peer Pressure & Bullying
9th June 2020
Mindfulness & Visualization
16th June 2020 Questions & Answers about Mental Health & Other Topics

3rd July 2020
Bonus Episode: Year 10 transition into Year 11