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HEADTEACHER UPDATE- Confirmed Reopening from 22nd June 2020

We have received confirmation from the Local Authority that we can continue with the wider opening of the school which initially only includes providing for Year 10 pupils (in addition to those pupils are already attending in vulnerable categories or from a family with critical worker). 

Parents of pupils in Year 10 will have already received details of the arrangements for their child that were intended to commence from 15th June.  Those same plans will now commence from Monday 22nd June and we look forward to seeing them.

If you have previously declined the offer for your child to attend, please do contact us at school to discuss arrangements that can be put in place for them as we would, of course, welcome them back as soon as you and they feel confident do so.  Please read the information below about what we are dong to ensure a safer opening and feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with your keyworker.

SAFER OPENING - What are we doing at Shaftesbury? 


ANNEX TO SCHOOL BEHAVIOUR POLICY & PUPIL AGREEMENT - MAY 2020 (to be signed by pupil and parent and adhered to.)


What we all should be doing

The most important thing we can all do is exercise good hygiene procedures to keep ourselves and others as safe as possible.

  1. It is essential that everyone washes their hands more often, using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Hand washing with soap employs mechanical action that loosens bacteria and viruses from the skin, rinsing them into the drain. Drying hands afterwards makes the skin less hospitable to the virus. Hand sanitiser can be effective if soap is not available or the situation makes using soap less feasible (i.e. when outside) but using hand sanitiser provides none of the virus-destroying friction that rubbing your hands together and rinsing with water provides.  The latest guidance and video on hand washing can be found at:
  2. Avoid touching your face
  3. Ensure children in your care wash their hands regularly and thoroughly.
  4. Use tissues when coughing and sneezing and dispose of safely.

Catch it, Kill it, Bin it!


Our school website will be reviewed and updated as necessary and will have 

  • links to on-line learning resources
  • latest advice and information

You should access this frequently to receive updates on school closure/openings.